Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two colors!

Okay this sounds totally silly, but one of the things I have never done, whether it's with knitting (I tried, briefly, to be a knitter) or now with crochet, is color changes.  Any color changes were the result of variation in the yarn color.

Last night I spent some time looking at methods to do two-strand crochet, and said "I can do this." 

And I did.  It's not perfect, in fact it is sort of wobbly on the edges, but.. I did it. :D

(I will add a pic to this post later).

I know this is a very little thing, but it's very exciting to me. :D

The muga silk is being spun up on my Ann Grout Turnip, and it's spinning up beautifully.  The color and softness of it are AMAZING.  It's going to take a while, but I'm REALLY looking forward to how it's going to work out.  I am seriously tempted to see about dying the center of it CRIMSON red in a way that will create a hombre style effect, going from crimson red in the very center to the soft shining gold on the outside, but.. I am not sure that I want to run the risk of messing up the amazing gold.. we'll see. :)

I plied up a small sample of the yarn over the weekend (yeah I need pics) and thus, I need to do the official... new project comments.. :D

Pattern: Hinterland Throw
Yarn: Handspun Muga Silk from FiberDyet (roving from FiberDyet, I'm doing the spinning)
Hook: 3.5mm

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