Friday, January 18, 2013

Busy Bee!

Neptune's Tears: Just started the last third of the solid repeat, then back to lace, I'm technically at the half-way point in terms of number of rows, but of course as the later rows are the long ones, that doesn't count for much. :D  It's looking lovely, and has been my travel project, which means lots of work on the bus.  :)

Four Roses: At the 75% mark for the whole doily, 4-5 rows into the last two roses.. I should be done by Monday, depending on how much I work on it over the weekend (as we will have guests, that will likely be less than it would be normally.. :))

Muga: It arrived, and is more ridiculously beautiful than I could have possibly believed.  But Wēland and I have decided that quite frankly it is far too beautiful a fiber to be used on something that will go into the kitchen, so I bought more (also from FiberDyet), and I think that it will be used instead for the Hinterland Throw.  I have been told that making a throw out of a silk that was once reserved for emperors is horrifying and insane.  I think making a snuggle throw for my family out of an amazing and beautiful fiber that begs to be touched is the only sensible thing to do.  But my concept of sensible has long been warped.. :D

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