Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spinning Junkie

So I realized that as I was setting this up, Neptunes Tears has been my big thought, because it was SUCH a pain in the butt in the start, but.. It is just one piece of what I wanted to set this blog up for (afterall, Clotho is not a hooker, she's a spinner, and that's my first craft).

I have finally accepted that the bus is NOT the place to spin cobweb silk.  As much as I pretend that I can spin cobweb anywhere anytime, the bus is a ROYAL pain in the ass to deal with fine silk.. Which is extra stinky since it delays the silk embers scarf spinning which was the next scarf I wanted to make a priority, and will delay the spinning for the Daisy Table Runner with the Muga (the bus is a surprisingly useful time for spinning, since there is no 8 year old, or dogs or cats to interrupt me).

The Muga is mostly why I wanted to post today though, I finally broke down and picked up 3 oz of Muga Silk from Fiber Dyet and I cannot wait until it arrives.  Muga is a very specific variety of silk that is the most amazing golden color, and is incredibly strong and lustrous.  I've heard all sorts of wonderful legends that only the Mughal of India was allowed to wear this style of silk, though I haven't done the historical research to confirm this as truth or not. ( I hadn't bought it years ago when I saw it at $7 per ounce, and have been kicking myself ever since, so when I saw that it was available for $8.25 at Fiber Dyet I had to have it... Now I just have to be patient until it arrives.  Yeah, patience, HAHAHAHAHAHA, whatever.  I WANT MY SILK! :D

But for the bus? I'll stick to the panda roving for the MB's scarf (merino/silk/bamboo in the Gummy Rainbow colorway from Spinner's Candy, pattern it will be for is: Monika)

note: MB is my daughter, no those are not her initials, they are the initials of her nickname, which to preserve her eventually realization that it's a horrible nickname even if it was given in love, I will not give here..

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