Saturday, January 12, 2013

Needed a change

Okay, so the solid rows of Neptune's Tears getting kind of boring after a while, so I took a break to start a new project that is destined for my office.  The co-worker that I work closest with and I share a hallway window, that we have taken to decorating for various holidays, and she mentioned the other day that it was a shame that we didn't have anything to decorate the space with (we're going to do Valentine's day, but Christmas JUST came down, so it's a little early still). 

Obviously I took this as a sign from on high that I should do as I had been threatening to do for some time, and do a doily/fillet crochet project..

New project!

Pattern: Four Roses Doily
Yarn: Camilla Valley Farms 2/20 Irish Linen
Hook: 1.5mm

:)  It's coming along swimmingly and surprisingly fast, I'm already on the fourth row (first actual "pattern" row).. Can't wait until this one is done..  I admit that there is a part of me sort of hoping it will end up too big for the space alotted for it (the 2/20 is larger than the #20 thread called for), so it can stay home, but..  Either way I'll get to see it every day, so.. :)

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