Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Planning

Sat down over the last few days and narrowed down my projects for the summer.. Need to focus on a few things that I would like to get done before the fall.. Also, I've realized that learning to crochet has taken over my brain and I have put nowhere near as much time or energy into my spinning, so I want to shift that.  Spinning is amazing for my mental state, and although crochet is fun, it's not as good at keeping me sane (yeah, yeah, such as it is). :D

- the CALs (definitely need to finish May, we'll see what is on the dock for June, July & August)
- spin linen for summer hat, crochet it
- spin wool for Wēland's garters
- spin wool for Wēland's sweater
- finish Wēland's socks

Current status of all this..

May CAL - Blooming Flower Cushion from Attic 24 in Carons Simply Soft- Sticks and Stones (none of the pics on the web actually do the yarn justice, so I'm not linking)..  The complicated part is almost done, I just need to finish the last petal round, then start the back, which is just a bunch of dc in circles.  It will drive me insane, but shouldn't have any problems finishing it by the end of the month. :)

Summer Cloche - Shell Brimmed Cloche in handspun linen.  I need a summer cloche and have been lusting after this one, and cannot find one to purchase that I like as much, so.. clearly that means I make one of my own. :D

Garters - Wēland and I are involved in re-enacting, and it was traditional for a woman to present her love with garters, they were a small present that were regularly given (garters in this case being a narrow band used to hold up wool or linen stockings).  The wool is 100% Shetland (Kentswold Shetlands for the win), dyed with onion skin.  It's a lovely yellow.  My made-of-awesome EvilTwinSister is lending me her box loom until mine is done for this project. :D

Sweater - This one is also for Wēland (seeing a trend this summer?)   I'm spinning up yarn for his Mom to knit him a sweater out of our lovely gray ewe, Sen (more Kentswold Shetlands for the win!).  Not dyed, just lovely luscious heathery wool.  She's got a sort of light weight double coat, and I left the heavier black in to create some texture.  Thankfully this is not intended to be worn next to the skin, or I would absolutely have to separate out the less soft fibers! :D

Socks - Annnd another one for Wēland.  I'm working on a pair of socks for him, which I've already posted about. :D

OH!  And I haven't talked about the stinky project.. Have been collecting first morning urine from Wēland for the last few days, I'm dying with indigo this summer!  :)  Obviously I will be posting pics of that as it happens. :D

Last update, I swear.. I was totally weak today (payday)..  Bought some goodies from Sirensong Fiber, because she's evil and posted two things that I had to have...  One is a cloud of merino silk mohair and alapaca (there are still 3 ounces of Stella Luna left for those so inclined) and the other was an "impulse" buy of cochineal and saffron died silk in the most amazing orange.  Sadly there was only .8 ounce (why it was an impulse, have no idea what I'm doing with it.. lol), but the color was irresistible!

So much for "No, I really don't need any more roving... WEAK IN THE FACE OF FIBER!!!!!

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