Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Socks!

So I'm working on my first pair of socks, which are intended to be worn as "under socks" under wool when my husband is out hunting, 100% silk to wick the sweat away from his feet while still helping him stay warm in our upstate NY winters.

This has been interesting because the "top" size in the pattern is 66 rows around, which didn't get past his ankle.  So this is my first ever sock, and I'm having to mess with the size.  Wēland is not a small man, but he has hobbits feet. :D  I'm a little nervous about how it will go once I get down to the ankle, but I'll be here to share. :D

Also? I found some old hooks at a local antique store recently, a set of size 1, 2, 3 and 4 steel hooks, wtih a beautiful patina.  I think some are size repeats, but.. they were $1, and needed someone who would love them. :)

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